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Getting ready for the Company Cookout W/Qview

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Ok, my first full BBQ on here so I will start off with a few pics and a few questions.

Butt Pic 1


Butt Pic 2


15.5 pounds, biggest one I have don thus far. Should I be looking around 15 hours give or take, or much longer? 


Here are some rib pics. My boss bought the reserve champion from the fair and we had it processed. I told the butcher that they could leave the loins whole or just cut them in half. So when I got the loins they were whole and they still had the backbone running thru them. I was pretty upset about having to debone the loin remove the tenderloin and the ribs to me don't look right. Can someone please tell me what style of cut these ribs are and should I trim them up more?






Here is the loin and the bone it was attached to...




Please enlighten me on what happened.


Oh yeh some homemade Q sauce, and more on the way.






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Those looks like spares but not sure. Im sure someone else will be able to tell you.

If that butt is 15lbs I would give yourself more than 15 hours to be on the safe side. Cant wait to see the results.
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The butcher gave you a rack of Spare Ribs, standard cut, just as they come off the side and belly.  The meaty end when removed are called "Rib Tips" and the remaining ribs are now "Saint Louis Cut". You can leave the Tips on and proceed with your smoking or cut strait across where the bones end, like Squaring the rack up. But smoke the tips anyway, you have to gnaw around the cartilage but they're tasty and meaty. The "Baby Back Ribs" left when the Loin and Spine removed, can be cut by hand but it will take some time to work your knife through the connection points of the ribs to the spine. A CLEAN Hack saw will make quick work of it though. Good luck...JJ

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Thanks for the info. When I cut the loin off I cut it pretty close to the bones of the baby backs, will that be a problem?

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They will be less meaty but still worth cooking if for nothing else but a Snack for you later in the week...JJ

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A 15lb. butt could take 25 hours to cook. We usually figure 2 hours per pound to be on the safe side. If it finishes early just wrap it in foil & towels or blankets & put it in a dry cooler. It will stay hot for 6+ hours. Then you can pull it just before you eat.

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X2 what Al & Jimmy said....that should be some FINE pork. Of course, the loin will go quicker if you're smoking that as well. I've started estimating 2 hours per pound, always seem to take longer than expected. That's a fine looking chopping block by the way....I'm jealous

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Well the cookout has been rescheduled for next sunday. Bad weather! So I get to stay up all night cooking for myself. AND I get another run on this smoker. More pics to come.

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Thanks for the comments.

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So now do you get the other half of the Piggy to play with next week?


It looks like you will eat well, Congrats on a job well done!...JJ

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drool.gifribs looks great!!!!!!!!

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If you like SoFlaQuer's foiling sauce, try his finishing sauce for the butt if you're going to do pulled pork. If you like vinegar base with some heat you'll love it.

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I know about SoFlaQuer's Finishing Sauce but can't find his Foiling Sauce...What's the link?...JJ

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Sorry about that I had 2 recipes one for the but and one for the ribs. Jimmy I used your foiling juice recipe for ribs and once again thanks. Its excellent, I used honey as the base and dropped a couple tablespoons of my BBq sauce in it for the finish.

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The shoulder took about 13 hours and got to 188* I put it into a foil pan and covered it. Let it rest for about 3 hours and it was still around 160* when I pulled it. Fell apart and was moist and delicious. I took a pic but it doesn't do it any justice.IMG_0408.JPG

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Looks good from here!

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Looks like a very well done job!  Bet you are the hit of the Company Cookout!  Delicious even over the internet.



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The pics look good and doing the Ribs sweet and the Pulled Pork tangy is a great compliment/contrast of flavors. I'm glad you liked the Foiling Juice...JJ

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Looks like a very well done job! nice pics too

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