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Just a starter into the new season, 

they will all go into hte smoker tomorrow. 477.JPG


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You lucky

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I see you have security on patrol.  Or is it a lurking thief?


Great looking sausage, must have been a busy day!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I like the little guy under the table!


Looks Great!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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YA she picked up the tidbits.

There is another one lurking under the table somewhere.

it will take a good 4 hour on 105 deg. cold smoke then crank up the heat for 5 hours,

slowly bring it up to 200 deg and as hte meet hits 160 give her about 10 min.

and yank them out and into a big tub if ice water.

most of this will go out as gifts to hte neighborhood,

just to let them know the deer drop in smoke shak is open again for smoking.

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Originally Posted by BlueBombersfan View Post


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Looks fabulous!!



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OK  let me absorb this information. I figure thats an entire elk that has been ground & turned into different sausages. Thats really quite something to see.Looks-Great.gifDo you add extra fat to the meat mix?. Is the finished product something thats eaten as is or do you then cook it ?  Do you split the meat up into groups,4quarter,hind? How big is an elk? Have you considered turning any cut into a cured product like a bresola? We dont have elkaussieflag.gifdown this way. Deer in plague proportions in some places but no elk. Thanks for the great thread. 

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I love the way that table looks... great job

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Originally Posted by jrod62 View Post

Originally Posted by BlueBombersfan View Post





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WOW been busy. Don't turn your back on that lurking critter....he looks devious

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please enter your location into your profile...if those are neighborhood treats...I'm moving in!


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Ooooooo, with all that around, I don't know if I'd list my location;but you can tell me. I keep secrets good,especially when food is involveddrool.gif


That looks great,good work and (no doubt) enjoy it........Looks-Great.gif


Stan    aka    oldschool

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Howdy neighbor   looks awesome

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