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plum wood

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My neighbor just cut down aplum tree and i was wondering if anyone smokes with plum and if so what is it good for.Thanks for your help it's been a while since i logged on and it's always nice to hear the input and see the great pics.Thanks

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Hell Yes!

Take all you can!!!

Wonderful for just about everything, but probably best on pork or poultry

I bet it would work great for cheese too

Sweet smelling wood




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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All fruit woods can be used. Plum is similar to peach, pear, nectarine. Good for all poultry and pork.

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Well with Todd's response i better grab all the wood i can get.I will let it age a little.Thanks for the replies.HAPPY SMOKIN

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Man, that's a great score;(he says as he is burning with jelousy inside).frown.gif.

Have fun and.........


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yeahhhhhh, good score. Take all you can get, cut into the lengths you need and age till next year.You'll be glad you did...

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LOL...Must be a plum wood season.  My neighbor just cut down a tree and offered me the wood.  I will also take as much as I can get :-)


My question is, what is the best way to use it in an MES?  Is there a good way to make it into chips?  I use chips all the time (I have bags and bags of different woods).  Or can I just cut it into a chunk a little smaller than the chip try in the MES and just use that?

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