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Big cookout for folks 40th anniversary.

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My parents celebrated their 40th year together over the weekend of Sept. 17th, so the wife and I decided to throw them a party to honor them for their commitment to one another.


I was in charge of the meat and beans.


The Briskets weighed in at 13lbs each untrimmed.


I love briskets...
..too bad you have to pay for an extra 3lbs of fat.
I probably trim mine a little more than most people, but I've not had any issues with them getting dry so I'll keep trimming them up tight.
A few pork butts for good measure. About 7lbs each.
So, 28lbs of butt and 22'ish lbs of trimmed brisket.
I had to add a 3rd rack to my WSM so I could fit everything on the smoker.  I just installed it between the stock racks.  It worked out pretty well.
The briskets were done in just over 8 hours, which surprised the heck out of me.  They were on the lower racks, which is usually at a lower temp than the top rack...I was a little concerned when I put them to rest.
brisket #1
brisket #2
#2 pulled
2 of the 4 butts before getting rested.
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drool.gif Looks very tasty.

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Stealth,why trim, try one with the fat on and cook it fat up,it does something to the flavor, and with only S/coarse BP, a piece of Heaven.

Just sayin'..........

Stan    aka    oldschool

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not trimmed at all? What about cross hatching the fat cap? CBP and a dash of salt is my preferred beef 'rub'. :-)
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You're a Great Son!


That made their day---I know for sure !!!!




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Nothing like a good smoke for a party...Looks great !   I do not trim !

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Looks like a great smoke!


Happy Anniversary to the folks!

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Originally Posted by SmokinAl View Post

Looks like a great smoke!


Happy Anniversary to the folks!


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Congrates to the folks beercheer.gif


the food looks great thumb1.gif

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Food looks great! - Congrats to your folks.

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It was a great party and a great time to honor their achievement.  We'd been planning it for about 6 months, so it wasn't a surprise party.  However, the surprise came when nearly everybody we invited showed up.  There was 30+ people there.  It had been raining for 2 days straight prior to the party and was raining on us in the morning when we were setting up, about a 1/2 hour before the party started, it quit raining and didn't rain again until the party was over...

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If the party was as good as the food looks it had to   be a great party a beer.jpgto you .

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Looks real good points.gif

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