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wow....that's a lot of chow, but you pulled it off. All looks awesome!!

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Thanks for the Kudos,Ffighter, Ilooked again and saw the Appies,nice-drool.gifI enjoy all bacon wrapped anything:(almost:(. and that was a meal in itself.The prep. time was most tiring I'll bet! Next time you have a Party,I want to comebiggrin.gif. You probably had shots too,I love sitting watching a drunk person try to do anything  I didn't realise that when I was doing iticon_eek.gif ,now since it's pepsi.gif only; I pass the time watching.....


Just kidding, way to go Grasshopper,

Have fun and...............


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Fantasitc Job icon14.gif


I have yet to do an allnighter?

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Thanks for the looks and advice, Sorry but I forgot to mention the lollipop idea came from SQWIB (Thanks for the idea! ) only I marinated chicken boneless thigh meat for about 10 min in 1/2 dales and 1/2 Worcester sauce installed a small jalapeno slice in the center and wrapped with bacon, franks hot sauce mix above and below the meat in muffin pan, took out of the pan after 30 min an smoker cause meat firmed up the smoked at 225 for another 45min,  then they just disappeared th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Completely FEAST-I-LICIOUS! Great job on the multi-smoke, ffighter, you 've done very well. Congratulations, and I am sure the whole family was happy!



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Dammit MAN!! Now my mouth is watering!!!!!!!! Great job!!! Looks awsome!!

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I hope your family appreciates you.  If not then send it my way:)

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Good job. The brisket and butts look great!
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