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Pork Tenderloin QueView

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Ok, im having a company BBQ at my house. I borrowed a friends smoker for the cookout next weekend and I had to give it a little test run before the up and coming weekend. Pork Loin rubbed then wrapped with a weave. Pork and Deer Tenderloin, marinated in Teriyaki, soy, fresh ginger/garlic a little 5 spice and sesami oil.










3 Ways



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Looks good.
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Good lookin' eats!!!

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looks great   icon14.gif

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Looks delicious!


Nice ring!

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I started the smoker with a chimney of lump and put some cherry on it. Got the cherry going, it was hard to try to keep at 225 it  wanted to stay between 250/300 and there was almost nothing in the smoker. just 2 or 3 very small and i mean small pieces of wood. I have no idea how my buddies used this smoker with the wood they were putting on it. I wanted to use nothing but wood but its going to be hard, may just have to use lump and throw in some wood gradually.


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It looks really tender, nice ring. High temps are nerve wracking

when you think you might ruin a good piece of meat. Then, you

have all those people that are counting on you. Good thinking

to do a trial run.


Good Luck, let us know how it goes...James

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Good luck looks great

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Looks delish. Smart idea trying the smoker before guests arrive.

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Looks good and nice smoker !!!

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