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8 lb brisket

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haven't done a good brisket for a here it goes

used my mesquite chipotle rub, got the smoker up to 225 and used mesquite and apple for flavor. it took roughly 4 1/2 hours to get it to 145 internal temp.  i pulled and let rest for about 30 min. internal temp got to 152. started slicing and chowing flag.gif








as u can see, a ton of juice and tender tender tender!  

thanx for looking.



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I have never pulled a brisket out at that low of a temp. I usually take mine up to 195ish then slice it. I might have to give the medium brisket a try.

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the last ones i did for work i took to 205 and pulled them..this one i wanted a bit more "red" and used them for some sammies.

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Looks like some excellent eatin there. drool.gif

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That looks delish!  GREAT JOB!

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Redneck,that is a delicious looking piece of meat, thing is I have no teeth and have to go to something above 195*icon_eek.giffrown.gif, but that's alright ; you go ahead and enjoy it.head-wall.gif



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Hmmmm, I never tried that pulling temp---thought it would be tough.


It sure looks mighty tasty, Red !!!!


May have to try one myself.





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I thought it would be tough too!


I sure like the pink color!


Probably going to give this a try.

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Looks really good, although I would have to take mine to 195*. My family don't eat red meat. (but I do).

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it was very tender and juicy as you can see. i treated like prime rib or roast..worked out great for trying it the 1st time.

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It looks great well done

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If I smoked mine to that IT and pulled it it would be like eating leather...Looks good..nice job..

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Must have been Wagu,I agree with Bear,alfully fast for a tough Briskyicon_exclaim.gif

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I didn't say it would be tough---I said I thought that. I haven't tried it yet.


And it sure looks mighty tasty.




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Originally Posted by redneck69 View Post

as u can see, a ton of juice and tender tender tender!  

thanx for looking.



How did it compare in taste and tenderness to a brisket cooked to traditional temps?

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nice job great color

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