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5 Briskets

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I have smoked 5 Briskets this month all for other people....Well this one is for me !!!  The weight was 11.44lbs. It was a whole brisket and the cost was 2.29lb at Sam`s Club. You can see the seasonings that I used on it. I did add some Beef broth when I foiled it at 160* then I took it to 190* and let it rest for a few hours before slicing. It took 18 hours to complete.



0925012225 (2).jpg


0926010720 (2).jpg



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Looks good.
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Looks darn good to me. How was the flavor?

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Looks good Roller, I do believe you have mastered the brisket..... Dave

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Looks great!!



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You got those babies "locked up" !!!!


Nice Job, Buddy!!!!


Outstanding BearView Too !!!!!




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Thanks guys and yes the flavor was real good. I just had my first sandwich off it for lunch...can I say tender !!!! Thanks for the kind comments....and yes I had to do some Bear view !!!!

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That looks great nice dark bark. Good Job.

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drool.gif Dammed if I didnt try to lick my monitor!! WOW looks devine.


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Looks perfect!



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Originally Posted by africanmeat View Post


X2. I would love one of those sammies right now...James


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Hey Roller,



What pellets did you use?

Water in the water pan?

Temp of your smoker?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Todd I used Oak and no water. I set my temp at 235* till the IT is 160* then triple wrap in foil then back in the smoker at 225* till the IT hits 190* then I let it rest for a couple of hours in the smoker with out any heat. Then I have to cut that tip off of the end and eat it first....thanks for the comments you guys...

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