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1st Smoke on the new Chargrill SFB smoker.

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I posted up last week that I just got my first smoker.  This weekend, I got the pleasure of cooking for 17 adults and some kids.  Decided to to 3 nice size rack of baby backs, 2 whole chickens (quartered) and a small pork loin.  I was a bit stressed when things got started as I had never used this smoker and really never even smoked much at all.  The guest all had high expectations.  


Put a rub on the BB's the night before and marinated the chicken in a modified Mojo sauce (and other stuff).  Fired up the smoker at about 9:30 am and the BB's were on by 10:10.  Learned my first lesson shortly there after...  I used WAY too much lit charcoal.  Quickly, the temp shot to 350 and I was panicking to cool it off.  I finally just scooped half the lit coals out of the fire box and that did the trick. From them on, I was able to maintain between 225 and 250 ish.  




Used the 2-2-1 method for the baby backs and the chicken took about 2 1/2 ish hours to reach temp.  All came out VERY good and lots of compliments came.  This was a good learning lesson and I feel I definitely "jumped right in" with the amount of guests and food.  Though all turned out very good, I think next time will be much more relaxing and enjoyable.  My camera broke when I started the grill so I only have a pic from my wife's phone of the BB's.  Forgot to snap one when it was full of Chicken too.


Thanks for all the advice on the other threads.





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Glad it all came out good and everyone enjoyed. It will get less stressful each time you do it. Nice job on your 1st smoke.

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thumb1.gif no complaints, no sickness...just kiddn sounds like a good smoke

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Great job on your first run!

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Thanks guys.  It was fun.  Now I'm trying to decide what to cook this weekend.  :) 

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Smoking can be stressful when friends and time is upon you...but you did good...

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congrats !! i have the same smoker and have found that with a charcoal basket and simply flipping over the smoking chamber's ash pan to use as a baffle i can easily manage 225..however every smoker is different..good luck bud


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