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Country Style ribs + extras with QVIEW

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I found some country style ribs on sale at the store the other day and it prompted me to fire up the smoker for the first time in a LONG time today.


Rubbed down the ribs with my own rub and decided to make some Dino Eggs for the first too. My garden produced a ton of mini jalapeno peppers and banana peppers, so I stuffed those with some cream cheese and shredded sharp cheddar then wrapped in bacon.


Ribs were awesome, the peppers were tasty and the Dino eggs weren't bad either. I am going to take the leftovers into work for bribes. Nothing makes a better bribe than smoked meat. Specially with my coworkers.




Ribs rubbed down and ready



Dino Eggs and stuffed peppers ready to roll



Ribs and dino eggs on the smoker



Just added the peppers about 1.5 hours into the smoke



Ready for a little sauce



Ribs are done



Dino Eggs and peppers are done. 

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Darn good looking Que!!


Thoses peppers sure would be good right about now!!

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Looks awesome great job

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Lookin good!

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That's one good looking meal!   icon14.gif

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Nice looking plate .
Dino eggs , might have to give that a try
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This looks like a great feast

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Way to go, looks fantastic...James

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Nice I gotta try those dino eggs they look awesome!

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That looks great !

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Cant think of many edible things that aren't improved by being wrapped in bacon. Peppers look great,ribs too. They look like the ribs the chinese butchers cut down this way.

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I will most surely have to give the Dino Eggs a try !!!

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drool.gif looks good, shouldn't have any problems at

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Looks Great

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Great looking meal their

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