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250g smoker build

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hey everyone, so i was recommended this forum to share my build and also to help with any questions i may have algo the building process.

I am currently working on making a 250 gallon smoker. here are a few photos of what I am working with.



here are some pics of the firebox I am building for it! it is 24"x24"x24" double walled with 1/4" inside, insulated, and 18gauge on the outside.



I will continue to post as it comes along! I was hoping that I was going to get it done this year but that is not going to happen, but it's ok cuz it gives me more time to make it even better!

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so i have gotten a little more work done on this thing!


this is a pic of the vents... cut out on both sides. hoping that is will be sufficient they are 2 1/2" each, total of 6.



thes are some spacers that i put in to hold back the insulation and some support for the outer skin.


here is a picture of the door. since the outer skin is 18g i added in some support for the hinges to weld to.



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here is a picture of the mineral wool that im installing!



here is the outer skin going on! only 76 plug welds per skin for grand total of 456! im going to be busy for a while!










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Sweet looking so far, and welcome to SMF!




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Looks-Great.gifnice skills.welder.gif

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thanks guys, i'm really trying to get my ideas from paper to reality... that can be a difficult challenge!!   33.gif

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looks good so fare

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So an update...

I have cut out the hinges for the firebox door! Made them a little on the beefy side, but they aint going no where! Cut them out of 1/2"x2" flatstock with a 3/4" rod for pin.

Heres a few pics...



another angle



When I first welded them on I was having problems with the door not opening more than halfway... so I yank on them and broke a couple of tack welds! So I cut them off and put a long piece of rod through both hinges to make to they going to pivot at the same angle, then I leveled it out from there. No more problems... it opens all the way the ease. I'm going to put some high temp grease in the piece of pipe that is welde in the middle hopefully to make them last longer!








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Looking good.,

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your way ahead of me..... nice fab......

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so i do have a question!!! for anyone that has built their smoker with a pipe that runs a down the bottom to get the smoke and heat distributed. How many slits to you make and how big?

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th_dunno-1[1].gif not sure I did a basic RF. But yours is looking SWEET thumb1.gif

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So the pipe from the firebox to smoker just got a little bigger!!!! Will be an 8" pipe now!


So I spent most of the weekend getting the hole cut a LITTLE bigger for the new pipe. Hopefully get a few more outer layers put on this weekend. I did work a little on the door today getting the outer skin lined up on it. may have a pic of that up before the weekend.

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Excellent build Shorty6. You have skills. I like your fire box door and the hinges.


How are you planning to latch the door? I didn't see any support structure for this.


This is one sweet build. I too am planning to insulate the fire box similarly to yours only I am using 16 Ga. so I'll have to build in some sort of support.


May the build be with you and keep the photos coming.

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