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Pork Loin and Dove ABT`s

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0923011150.jpg0923010936.jpg0923010951.jpg0923011147.jpgSmoking 2 Pork Loins for the ladies at church supper tonight so I thought that I would throw together some Dove ABT`s from my hunts this month.With Homemade Bacon .


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I will post a pic of the finished ABT`s when they are done !!!!

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looks great roller...................never had dove...... Tastes like chicken?... years ago I went dove hunting with some friends, just walking along  with them, no gun and they saw some birds in the air and shot and missed. then another bird flew by and they were shooting at it and my buddy tom hit it....... It was the state bird..... I left because i didnt want to get arrested or killed.....





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boykjo  Dove taste nothing like chicken. It has a much stronger taste...and a little like liver..

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Dang, those look gooddrool.gif. Haven't had Dove since '92frown.gif. Your not only making me hungry,your making me homesick,man, another Prozac to colm me down.th_crybaby2.gif

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Thanks guy`s...

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That looks Awesome Roller !!!!


I love Dove breasts!!!  And then homemade Bacon wrapped---That's over the top!!!


Great BearView on that plate too!!!


I haven't hunted Doves for years---I was losing too many arrows!  biggrin.gif



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Bear I like to shoot them in the

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Everything looks delicious Roller!

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The Dove looks great Roller,, I do about the same thing when I have them but, I just use the pepper and Dove breast and Bacon with Cajun spice. I also cook mine a little crispier.. Looks great tho. Made my mouth water...

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Those look great!  What do you hunt dove with they look pretty small??

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Thanks Al , Terry and Blue...Terry I used a SW Creamcheese it was real spiece. Next time I will crisp my bacon a little more...The Dove meat was great. Blue I hunt with a 20ga auto shotgun. They fly really fast...We have had real good Dove hunts this year..

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Wow that is awesome!!!!  I will be going out for a few chicken (ruffed grouse) hunts in the next few weeks!  The breast are pretty decent size and taste great!!  Great job with those!!!!!

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Great Job Roller




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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