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Tin Can Bacon (w/ QView)

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Made myself some bacon two weeks ago (OK... I'm a little lazy and should have posted it earlier...) I used the cheap-o soldering iron in a tin can smoking method and smoked it in my grill. It came out quite good. Managed to get about 45-60 min before I had to refill the can. Smoked it for about 8 hours in a mix of hickory and apple chips.


Some fresh pork belly:

Pork belly


Rubbed and ready to cure

Rubbed and waiting


Test fry:

Test grill


On the grill with various pieces of cheese (it was a hotter day than I had hoped, but decided to smoke the cheese anyways...)

On the grill w cheese


Picture of the can under there



Nice and smokey




First fry:


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Sierra, Nice job on the bacon and cheese.... icon14.gif

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