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first Time with ribs, turkey fatty and smoked mac -n chees

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only my second smoke and I still have to tune up the smokers but I having fun trying. today I overslept and didn't get to make a mod to the chip pan area but I did to two racks of ribs, a turkey fatty and some smoked mac and cheese. these are all firsts for me. I don;t eat ribs often,that is changing :), and never heard of a fatty until I came here.


overall the recipes I used all need tweaking so the food was mediocre at best. I have had worse but I like to serve better if you know what I mean. this food was for me and my wife to sample. 1 more run and I will give it to guests :)


I made two racks of ribs. it is nice having a wide smokers so I don't have to cut them. I used two different rubs I purchased from my butchers. they are all natural no preservatives. 1 bourbon and on generic pork rub. I did the 3-2-1(more like 2-2-1) style. the bourbon rub has a nice bite to it. not real spicy but a quick punch to the taste buds. I used sweet baby rays with honey on that one. the other is more mild rub so I used this BBQ sauce a friend picked up in KC. real spicy. I was looking to see what I like best between the compound taste of smoky pork,rub, and bbq sauce.


the Bourbon rub/sweet baby ray was my favorite so far. I could taste all three flavors. the other have very little separation between the rub and pork and the spice stayed real long in the mouth.


I smoked 50-50 with apple and hickory. here are some picks.


guarding the smoker:guarding the smoker.jpg


turkey fatty:

ready to roll.jpgturkeybacon wrap.jpg

turkey fatty ready to cook.jpg

mac and cheese



loading up the smoker

loading the grill.jpg


the results:

macncheesedone.jpgribs done.jpg

ribs smoke ring.jpg


fatty smoke ring.jpg





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dewetha, Looks like good food to me... better than store bought.. congrats..

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thanks Dave. hitting up seconds now and it's probably better than I thought. I can be real critical of my own cooking. I look forward to doing more Ribs. seam like a great football snacking food.

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Looks real good yahoo.gif
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Everything looks delicious!

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looks great.........icon14.gif

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Looks-Great.gifLove the color on the Mac-n-Cheese

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