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Good Morning

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Been smoking butts and turkeys for a good while.  I've had several charcoal and one electric dome type smokers over this year.  Just got a Master Forge propane from Lowe's plus the dual digital thermometer that ya'll recommended here, good idea shoulda gotten one a long time ago.  I seasoned the smoker a few days ago and am now in the middle of my first smoke with it.   I've 43 lbs of butts loaded and just getting to smoker temperature now.


Pretty anxious to see the out come.  We've got about 35 people coming over for some Q and brew.

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Welcome!  I have the same smoker.  love it so far.  I did go to a fire place store and got a self-stick flat gasket for the doors.  I too am having a pork party today.  Welcome to the site, there are many great people here willing to help..If you ever have a question ask it!  someone will answer.  looking forward to your first pics.

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Thanks Dave,  I've already learned a lot from reading the forums.  Shoulda bought a remote digital thermometer years ago.


I'm thinking that I should have heeded comments about gasketing the doors.  I've got the gas valve wide open and a good flame (mostly blue) however the smoker is hovering around 225.  Outside temp here is in the lower 60s.  The digital and the on door thermometer are in the same ball park, the thermometer reads about 10 degs higher than the digital.  The digital's cooker probe is in the same general place as the door gage.  When I read the reviews, I was prepared to have trouble keeping the temp down, not up.


After the seasoning time, I was able to keep the temp 225-240 with the valve at about 25% (empty except for some hickory), dunno what the change is except that the smoker is full of meat and I got a new propane tank, which I think should be significant.


I'll have to rectify this before my Thanksgiving turkey smoke, when the temps are considerably lower.  I'm thinking that a door gasket would help retain the heat.



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  I hope you are enjoying this community as much as I am.

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Thanks, yes I am.  Shoulda been here way before now.  I'm finding out why somethings worked and some didn't from my previous experiences  Ignorance is bliss.

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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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0123 welcome.jpg

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Welcome aboard its a great place to hang out and enjoy these great people and story's 

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 WELCOME !  welcome1.gif  Pretty cool place huh?   ENJOY and smoke  SUM-TIN    and post some PIX !







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Welcome aboard!

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