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Beef Jerky ?????????

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Well while making the el Diablo suprise i thought i might as well make some silver dollar jerky.

So. Took a little summer sausage sliced thin and stuck in Nesco dehydrator.

Diablo surprise Beef sticks.jpg

The Sticks realy have an attitude with the Jabinyaro peppers and the silver dollar jerky worked great.  Lots more in the fridge i just set a little to show it off.

Oh yea. I am going to cold smoke the sticks using my pellet burner and JD Old No.7 pellets.



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   Looks good Karl icon14.gif

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Looks great!


 What the heck is a Jabinyaro pepper??



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Jabinyaro pepper. LOL. Looks great Karl.

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Combo Jalapeno and Habanero?  Interesting to find out 

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