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Tri Tip at Meijer

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I read a lot about Tri Tip on this site, and have been curious to try it.  Figured it would be hard to get in NW Ohio, but haven't really looked. I was quite surprised to see it a local Meijer. They have them for $6.99/lb, and they are pre-seasoned. Anyone on here (that goes to Meijer) tried it yet?  I think I'd rather season an unseasoned one myself, but will probably give it a try.

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Those that are pre-maranaited are real good. Sam`s club got some in by accident a while back and I bought several. These were only 5.29lb. I should have bought more.

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Most of us in CA would not buy a marinaed TriTip. We just hit them with basic SPG rub

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I think I will try my local butcher and see if they can get me one, and if not, I'll give the marinated one a shot.

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X2 on Gary's post.  There is only one shop where I will buy their rubbed stuff.  Usually better to do it yourself.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I don't even know what a tri tip is, could someone fill me in?

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Not trying to hijack your thread but I saw marinated tri tips at Kroger, here in central Indiana yesterday. They were going for $7.29lb. I was also able to get a tri tip at Sam's Club for about $5.99lb here but I had to order it from Sam's butcher because he had cut it when they got their meat delivery in.

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Originally Posted by sonnyhad View Post

I don't even know what a tri tip is, could someone fill me in?

The tri tip comes from the top part of the animal. And it's shaped almost like a tri-angle with the grain of the meat running in two directions. I'm sure others can explain it better.


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Here's a thread explaining the tri tip:

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Pops thread gives as good an explanation of the tri tip as I have seen.  For people having trouble finding them, the info your butcher needs is Bottom Sirloin Butt, NAMP/IMPS 185C(untrimmed) and 185D (trimmed).


Thanks Pops, as always.  And great to have you back!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I just read on another post that Smokin' Ohio Butcher carries them in his store, I will have to make a quick trip to see him.  Thanks everyone!


Originally Posted by SmokingOhioButcher View Post

Sooo Sad!  th_crybaby2.gif Seems I have cornered the market in my area!  I have Tri- Tips in our case every day now and people are starting to catch on finally.  Reminds me!...I need to have a loss leader sale on Tri Tips and do some demos in the store again!  Samples anyone??? yahoo.gif




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