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Building a new Smoker (DONE)

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I am building a new Smoker with a vertical box. Couple of days in to the build and so far so good. The box is only sitting on the smoker hanging from the lift to check it out. I still have a lot of detail work to do before I weld it in place.








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That is a real nice smoker...your doing a great job !

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It looks like a great start to a great smoker .

keep it going and keep us updated i will be on the look for it


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Well a few days later and a few more parts build and installed. I have the firebox finished and welded in place. Build both doors and fitted in place. I do have to adjust the hinges on the big door they pulled back a little while I welded them in place. I have the upright sitting in place and a few short welds holding it in place. Welding will be done in the morning when it is just a little cooler.


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Looking good. beercheer.gif

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Awesome build so far.

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welder.gifLooks great.

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nice I like that beercheer.gif

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Work continues on. I have welded the ends over the fire box and the bottom of the upright in place and have started to clean up the smoker. All the doors are now working and cleaned up. The rails for the grates are in place and the pipes are welded in place for the rib racks. I have the handles brushed out and removed so I can clean up the rest. I have the air intake finished on the firebox and rails welded in on the bottom of the upright for a water tray.


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Looks awesome.I love your grate.

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Very nice !

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Top of line off-set build right there, congrats!

Out of curiosity, what diameter in the smoking area? Helps  give an idea of it's size.

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The pipe for the smoker is 20" by 32" and the upright is 20" by 16" by 36" tall.

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I am done. The only thing left is to paint the lone star silver so it matches better with the rest of the smoker. What do you think????






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Looks great!

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Oh My, that looks great.  When will you will show us what it can do. Great work

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You do great work and fast.

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Well.................................................. SMOKE SUMTIN ...............& Q View it !istockphoto_15790860-bbq-surf-tiki.jpg

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It looks great . like a Professional build thumbs.gif

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