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Hello, From West Central Indiana (WTH)

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I am a beginner at smoking meat,have cooked soups in a cast iron pot over the open fire before, Started smoking meat in a Brinkman Pro Series grill, It was all indirect heat, Recently I purchesed a masterbuilt propane smoker, So far i'v smoked a Brisket and last weekend I wrapped a squirrel in bacon and smoked it, hell I just thru the rest of the bacon in there awesome(is that what there talkin bout (fatties), like I said I,m learning. This forum is great. I had trouble with the wood chip pane on that masterbuilt propane smoker. Found out from this forum to us an 8" cast iron skillet can't find a lid for it so i bought a 8" stove pipe cap made it to fit drilled some hole in it. And I got smoke baby. I aint quite got it all figured out but some day I'll be my own little pro. Thanks for listening.

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Welcome!! Down around Toad Hop you might find a stray pig to throw on the smoker along with your squirrel :)
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Welcome aboard!


This link will help you with fatties:


I am sure someone with knowledge of your smoker will be along soon.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Hell ya,  maybe a baby pig at that.


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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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