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First ever Fattie

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Decided to do a meatloaf fattie the other night, but due to time constraints we had to cook her in the oven. This was my first time doing a bacon weave as well, but it came out pretty darn good.  I now have a notebook full of different ideas for fatties ( i really need to stop watching the food network, man vs food)  Next time I will stuff it, use another package of bacon (only covered 3/4 of it) and smoke it!!


IMAG0365.jpg IMAG0367.jpg


IMAG0375.jpg IMAG0377.jpg



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Gotta have the smoke, or you should just probably call it a "fat"!  icon_mrgreen.gif  Great looking practice fattie!  You're on your way!

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Looks great!



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Meatloaf fattie?! So simple yet it looks amazing! Great job!

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oven or not I'll eat the heck out of that

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Looks good !!!!

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looks real good

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