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Country Style Ribs Short & Sweet w/ Q-view

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Momma was disappointed that I did not get around to smoking anything last weekend; too many other projects & distractions.  So I defrosted some CSR's and got 'em done over a long lunch this afternoon.  She was pretty happy about that!!


These were goofy cuts -- some almost like an attempt at boneless riblets.  They were pretty obviously cut from the shoulder.




Note the little slits in the blade cuts...


A quick coat of salt, pepper, and brown sugar.  Coupled with 235* & hickory smoke, we have a winner!




Almost forgot the Bearview! icon_eek.gif Just in the nick of time -- the last bite!  LOL!!!! PDT_Armataz_01_25.gif




Momma made her locally famous homemade apple/pear sauce, some noodles and peas for a great meal.  Had my dad over to share in the bounty.  A good time was had by all.  thumb1.gif


Thanks for looking!!!  Cheers!

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Man that looks good!

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They look Great...BUT...Never Forget To Feed The BEAR!


Funny Stuff, shooting the last bite!...JJ

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Those look real good I will have to try some myself...Nice job !

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Looks good James!


Nice smoke ring!

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James It does not matter  if it short and sweet or a long Thread it always a great onethumb1%20copy.gif


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That looks PERFECT, James!!!


Nice smoke ring!


And thanks for the BearView Too!!!




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Strange way of cutting, but looks like they turned out great!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Nice save James - ribs look great

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