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Cool Video John!

Sorry to hear about your job

Keep us posted!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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UNREAL video!!  that looks like a pretty amazing place to live!  Good luck on the move!!!!

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Great video. Good luck on the next Island.

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Good luck with the move.I  dont anything about tarpon but I do have a stingray recipe. 

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I,d like that stingray recipe if you'd be willing to share. 




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John sometime a new beginning in a new place is a blessing. its like diving to a new wreck,

Good luck with the move.

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Africanmeat you are so very right in that statement.  We really liked St. John when we were there previously and the friends we made there are so welcoming and genuinely glad we are coming back. Already 2 job interviews for Friday at...get this... Dive Shops!  I love diving and worked at a shop for over 7 years back in MN so this takes it up a notch!


Oh...and this little (not so little, about 5') guy was hanging out this morning...luckily I didn't see him when I was snorkeling amongst the fry fish and tarpon!



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Sounds like we might end up getting some "Uview" soon?!?!   (Underwater View)



Again---Best of luck, John!





BTW: Leave the Shark alone!!!

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WOW Again awesome pictures!!!  I live in the middle of the praires so shots like that are pretty amazing!!!

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Bear - hoping for a mutual respect from the underwater predators.  I will leave them alone of they do the same!   Besides...bad karma to eat something the can easily eat you! 




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We get those type of scenes here off our beach's,especially when the mullet/sardines run. Not a big fan of sharks! Stingray recipe coming I do a couple partly because its sustainable fish. You just cook the wings.Ill post one that doesnt require a bunch of ingredients that might be hard to get where you are. We get a lot of really big rays that scavenge where people clean fish. Some the size of tabletops,the little guys are best eating. I will do a bit of research first,Im at fish market tomorrow chasing Albacore tuna so I will try to figure out which species is sold as skate. Pork & clams post coming soon.

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Originally Posted by jjwdiver View Post

Bear - hoping for a mutual respect from the underwater predators.  I will leave them alone of they do the same!   Besides...bad karma to eat something the can easily eat you! 




LOL---After Vietnam, I got stationed in Hawaii. Took Mrs Bear to the beach, and I went snorkeling. Beautiful fish all over the place---Pretty coral---Nice blue water.

Then I saw a small cave looking hole, so I swam over & looked in. Right inside was one of those big super-ugly Moray eels, with a head the size of my fist, and big teeth !!!!  eek.gif

Signal---It was time to go lay on the beach with Mrs Bear!!!!





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Such a world of difference between the little shortfinned eels that get smoked & the big guys. They have a real evil eye look about them& those curved teeth. Stingray recipe coming . At the markets here theres Southern Eagle Ray,just the wings.I dont know where the cut off point is on size to distinguish tasty from the non tasty. Most of the recipes involve skinning the wing then poaching gently in water,lemon ,vinegar ,gbp, parsley stalks. Take it out keep it warm then make a butter sauce with capers,lemon white wine vinegar. I have made it exactly this way. I did find a recipe that used apple cider & orange that looks good but I  havent cooked it. If I  get the time I will cook i then post it.

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