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Reporting Message Spam

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I just got a message and its total SPAM


The name is maureenmoses.


Hope the mods can block this person.



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I got it too!


I sent it to Brian Mudd.




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Is she after you also....and I thought it was my lucky day ....LOL

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And i thought she just wanted my sausage.



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LOL----Dinky-Dow Baby-Sohn!!


Probably hard to stop. Block one & they keep changing.



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If you have the block feature you can block this user and they are not allowed to send you pms and you do not see their posts.  This will work until the Mods decide to delete their account.

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How come I didn't get the same PM?

Guess I'm not in the "Cool Group"!






No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Originally Posted by TJohnson View Post

How come I didn't get the same PM?

Guess I'm not in the "Cool Group"!






well that makes two of us....


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Might only be sent to Old Guys????


Sorry Nepas,


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 I Got it too., one of the nigerian scammers . wonder if i can get them to fly too las vegas???

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Dang I thought she was only after me!

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I called her and she wanted my credit card info - isnt she legit unsure.gifall the things she said she wanted to do sounded like fun

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Scar,  just give them them SmokinAl's credit card and have a nice time

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I gave her my Credit Card # and bought her a plane ticket to Louisiana...is that a problem ????

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If the Alto airport is as big as I think it is it could be a problemyahoo.gif

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Al she is coming on a crop duster when I am done I will send her your way....shouldn`t take long....I`ll post Q-View...yahoo.gif

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Roller,  it is about 6500 miles from Alto to Nigeria.  By crop duster at 90 miles per hour she'll have about a 72 hour flight if they don't stop for gas along the way.  I hope she doesn't receive a better offer by the time she gets there!

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Well she should be in good shape by the time she gets here....lol

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She sent it to me too.It's not funny  i have a red head as my wife.wife.gifDang it i taught her how to shoot too.AR15firing.gifWell at least this thread is my proof.

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I just got word that over the next few weeks.. we'll have a special button to report PM's just like we do regular posts. For now, just let one of us admins know if you get something crazy and we'll take care of it.


This Maureen is a goner.. sorry to disappoint some of youbanana_smiley.gif

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