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Finally writing from Ohio

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I just wanted to say hello. I stumbled across this site a couple of weeks ago and have been extremely impressed. There is such a wealth of knowledge and creativity here. I have had a couple of cheap vertical smokers over the years and after staying awake for 27 hours smoking a thanksgiving turkey, I have spent the last few years trying too convince my wife that we needed a new one. Luckily I was at my brothers a month or so ago when his grill went out and went with him to pick up his chargriller duo. Last week my wife finally agreed and I picked up the kinggriller from menards. I'm just waiting on my firebox to arrive from georgia. I can already see a build in the near future. Thanks fire letting me lurk around.
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welcome1.gif    Glad to have you with us!

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welcome1.gif  You will find all kinds of help on this site!  Lots of pros that are willing to give advice!!!

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Welcome you will enjoy it here lots of good stuff...

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Welcome Jason.  Lots of good folks and great info here -- you can learn a lot.  Good to see another Buckeye on board, what part of Ohio are you from?

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Troy, just a little north of Dayton. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Welcome Jason, I know that area very well.  I was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB from 2007-2010.  Hope you enjoy the area and may your smoke be thin and blue!

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Thank you Grillin_all_day. If it weren't for you and the other brave men and women in uniform, I wouldn't be able to enjoy my time relaxing infront of the smoker.

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Welcome Jason. Glad to have you here with us. Looking forward to seeing your posts

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Side fire box finally arrived from Ga. My new baby is complete. Now I know how Dr. Frankenstein felt. It's a Kinggriller 5252 produced by Chargriller for Menards. Will be applying the rub tonight for her first new smoke tomorrow. My daughter's 2nd birthday. Pork butt, corn on the cob and smoked pears. I'll be sure to qview it.
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welcome.  Dayton is where I went to med school, now I'm up above you near cedar point.  Will be waiting on that Q view!

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     Jason,notonly do we have PROS on here,there are a few accomplished BackYard Cooks here also:Betty 004.JPG   We all like to share the info.,so welcome1.gifand...

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Welcome to our little world-wide family!  The only dumb question is the one never asked, so relax, enjoy, participate and let us drool - constantly!

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Welcome Jason.

One thing for sure you will never want for opinions here.  th_4th_of_July.gif

Happy smokin.


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