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I'm BACK! Sorry for not keeping you guys up to date. I took a long break from working on the smoker. During my time off I had it at home and fired it up on two occasions. I quickly realized that it was not operating at its best. Sealing it up and getting the reverse flow pan will hopefully eliminate the drastic swings I saw in temp. I also realized that the latch of the firebox is not going to work. Its a total pain to latch/unlatch so that will probably require some sort of custom latch. I was thinking something beefier like the latch on an old coal stove.


So I finally got the smoker back to the shop last Saturday and got the door trim attached yesterday. The only issue I ran into during this process was that the bottom of the door warped out about a quarter inch. I'm farelly confident that it was caused by the side pieces wanting to retain their original form after they were bent which wants to pull the door flat with them. I'm assuming two clamps will take care of this.


I also started on the auxillary grill which will mount on the opposite side of the trailer. I utilized the extra 100 gal vertical tank we picked up for $10. It will probably initially run off of charcoal but I would like to fabricate some burners out of black pipe and run it on propane. The grill will be a pretty simple design. Any suggestions or advice on the design would be helpful.


My highest priority now and most daunting task is the reverse flow pan. I have the pieces figured out but I dont have the material. I guess I'll finally have to go buy some materials. th_crybaby2.gifI'll also need to buy some sheets of mesh for the shelving grates. any suggestions on what to use. I was thinking the standard diamond trailer mesh.


Thanks for checking in despite my failure to keep you guys updated!


2012-04-14 14.43.18.jpg


2012-04-14 14.41.36.jpg


2012-04-14 14.42.24.jpg


2012-04-14 14.43.18.jpg

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Originally Posted by sunman76 View Post

any update? still on track for the wedding in Junebeercheer.gif

9 or 10 weeks until the wedding. I think I can make it happen! goodluck.gif

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Originally Posted by JGraham View Post

Love the smoker. The propane tank is the way to go. 1 question are you gonna put a water pan in it ?

Yea I will probably add I water pan in somewhere. Once I get the reverse flow pan and the shelves in I will see where I have extra room. The propane tank caused some difficult fabrication due to the rounded ends but I think I would use them again just because it creates a cool look. I will need to cut the left side of the grill off and cap it with sheet metal due to it rusting almost the entire way through.


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Originally Posted by Goodtobeking View Post

Looks like you have the hinge pin in upside down - you don't wan't to lose it. Either tack it or reverse it. Any pictures of the finished product yet?

The pins are retained by the door trim I just added. I just added a new post so check it out!


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Originally Posted by Smokin - K View Post





I have two of these 24" pulls that were mounted back to back but you could probably make your own thru bolt mounting for them. They have a ruberized black grip and are pretty dang cool... Smokin - K

Wow that thing is sexy! I hope I didn't miss my opportunity!


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Looking forward to seeing this when it is done...Love it already......Looks-Great.gif

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Back at it again this morning. Got some odds and ends completed. A new latch for the firebox. I think this one will work much better then the old one (and it was free). Fabricated the baffle for the stack. It can turn to various degrees and even lift up and rest on the stop for rainy days. In the process of welding the top bracket I started my pants on fire. That was a rush! And finally I welded the hinge on the grill. I also (FINALLY) found some sheet metal for the reverse flow pan. Once that's completed I can install the rack rails and fabricate the racks. I also scrounged some other materials (1/2" square tube) that can be used to reenforce the old speaker grills that I will be using for the racks. I kinda think the end is in sight now. The reverse flow pan is the last big hurdle. WOO!!

2012-04-21 14.06.51.jpg

2012-04-21 14.07.49.jpg

2012-04-21 14.24.55.jpg

2012-04-21 14.12.08.jpg

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That there gives a whole new meaning to "smokin' meat!"



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Gonna be a mastepiece.......

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Looking good!

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Keep on keeping on!
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It is looking good!

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you may want to put a removable stack(can't tell if this is what you got from pictures) with locking joints.This would allow you varying height. classB or even class A chimney.Are you going to weld up a frame and get a couple small car axles and wheels from the junk yard? always put more electonic controls on than you need(timers,thermostats etc.) you don't  have to use them but a little redundancy on a smoker this large wouldn't hurt. I've never built a smoker but alot of heating systems.

I agree,your sis is lucky to have brothers to take on this project..I want to see that pork when your done.

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A friend of mine built one similar to this with a 300 gallon diesel tank.  he put it on a trailer and added LP burners, a fresh and grey water tank to wash his hands and tools with and built a spit with an electric motor with a 1800:1 rpm gear reducer he found that came out an old pin setter from a bowling alley.  If you do put it on a trailer and you can find an affordable option, having the water to wash with is worth it's weight in gold.   Good Luck with your project!  It looks like a lot of fun!

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grill 001.jpggrill 003.jpggrill 004.jpg                         My build,,10.5 ft of cookers, 5.5 in rear with Traeger pellet hopper , will hold 34 competition cut ribs, smokes at constant 150 degres, holds a constant 235 - 240 cook temp. will heat up to 285 and hold.  Front cooker has roetessory ,basket type with adjustable rack, charcoal, wood fired...... i installed a axle under this cooker that has removeable spindles, fenders come off with spindles.  we set her on the ground when we cook...have added 5 in thermomenters, and replaced the 3 rpm roto motor with a 1 rpm works much better...VERY HEAVY....We have decided we are going back to a Backwoods style cabinet cooker.. we will start that build in a couple of weeks....  i'lll start a new thread for that one....

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Great build I love how you fire box come out. HAve you balanced the trailer yet.

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hijack2.gif Nice smoker TrueCue. You should start a separate post to show that off. You might want to jump over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so you can get a proper welcome. Could you also fill in your location on your profile. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by QObsession View Post

Great build I love how you fire box come out. HAve you balanced the trailer yet.

Balance shouldn't be an issue with the addition of the grill towards the front of the trailer. At least that's what I'm hoping. If we have to move the axle later we could unbolt the smoker and slide the axle back.
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I think the end is in sight! I think I listed what we had to do yet the other week. I got the front half of the reverse flow pan welded in. It all fit together just as planned. Cut and capped the rusted out end of the grill. And finally started mocking up the shelves and how I want to reenforce the racks. I got four more of those grills with the hex perf to use for the shelves and possibly a charcoal basket. Pretty exited to get this thing done so I can move onto the next project!


2012-05-05 13.06.32.jpg


2012-05-05 13.53.46.jpg


2012-05-05 13.53.09.jpg


2012-05-05 13.52.34.jpg

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