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Smoked Rainbows and Brown Trout.

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   I fired up the smoker today and did some rainbows and some brown Here some pics of the smoker full of fillets. I had a guy say if" I smoked the fish for him for nothing that I could have half of the smoked fish". Sounds like a good deal!103_1943.JPG



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Looking Real Good, Blzafour!!!!!


That's the kinda deal I like, and is actually a very popular deal.


If I didn't have a smoker, I'd gladly give up half of my fish for some good smoked ones!!!




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Great looking smoked fish!


Love trout!

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They look great I used to smoke them alot when I lived where I could catch them.

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Lookin' good!!!!! I get that same deal with trout and salmon, only they don't want half, they only want one or two fillets. I end up with 5 fish for me and usually give them more than they asked for back (one whole fish instead of only one fillet) Still, I'd rather catch my own - that would mean I'm getting out fishing, which hasn't happened too much lately. :(
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