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Pork Butt with Bad Byrons

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I picked up some Bad Byron's Butt Rub yesterday, along.  Hearing mixed reviews about it, I was hoping I would find it on the positive side.  Using the Smokenator 1000 and Kingsford Charcoal along with pecan chips, I put a small butt (3.6lb) onto my Weber Kettle charcoal grill.  Using my Maverick ET-732 thermometer, I was able to keep my temps between 230-240 degrees.  I foiled the butt once it hit 170 degrees and when it hit 203 degrees (total cook time was just under 6 hours), I wrapped it in a towel and placed it into my cooler for close to an hour.  I was able to pull it apart rather easily and have to say that I was pleased with the rub.


Here's my Q-view:











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Looks good Bro!drool.gif

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Nice !

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nice PPdrool.gif

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Great looking PP!


All you need is a bun, slaw, and some bbq sauce for a perfect meal!

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