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Trio of cheese

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Swiss, extra sharp cheddar, and swiss. AMNS in my MES - 4 hours temp held great in the 70's with 2 ice packs.IMG_0053.JPGIMG_0056.JPGIMG_0058.JPGIMG_0065.JPG

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Great looking the wait...

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That cheese looks really good!I have yet to try that,soon though.I made some of your pickled eggs last night,they look like there going to be killer!Thanks for the recipe again.   Josh

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Looks great homebrew!

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The cheese looks great. Not sure I would use the cold packs over ice but that is just me. I don t like plastic in my smoker for anything

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Great Color on the cheese

Waiting is the hard part




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks great!! 

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