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I have to do it two ways all the time.  Not a prob.  Cheaper to keep her as the old saying goes.


Actually, as the years have gone by, my rubs have got simpler, too.  For some things just SPOG works fine!


Good luck and good smoking.

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   I brought the taste of "BBQ" with me when I and Trish moved up here to oihO,I do it my way and (at first)they said it was too smokey or spicyicon_eek.gif.I have always done things the with my Southwest Flavors,but that's not the problem as they like a milder version of my rub,but the Brisket still gets a good coat of Cracked Black Pepper(Beef needs Pepper),so I said,I'll handle the Bark and you all can have the middle part with just flavorbiggrin.gif of the trip through the Smoker. Now I have to cook in quantities for them and I love it,and never willicon14.gif

Betty 014.JPG Betty 004.JPG


Have fun and.................

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Originally Posted by BackyardSmokin View Post

I have done fatties, briskets, roast beef, pastrami, ABTs, ribs, and pulled pork and none of it she ate..

Unbelievable!  I feel sorry for you man.  I'll lend you mind.  She is just happy that I am the one doing the cooking.

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My wife's the same way don't like the smoke taste so I don't use smoke when I do ribs for her

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