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Another attempt at chicken...

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In preparation for another chicken attempt, I made a quick mod for the charcoal tray.  I cut out the circular support where the OEM charcoal bowl sat, which allowed the wok to set down into the frame.  I also cut the handles off the wok so it would fit easier into the bottom compartment.  The first several pictures illustrate those mods.


Anyway, I bought a pack of chicken quarters, some Royal Oak charcoal, and a digital remote  meat thermometer.  I fired the Royal Oak, and placed it in the tray of unlit briquettes along with a hickory chunk.  I waited for the temp to build to 250, then put the chicken, brushed with butter and sprinkled liberally with blackened seasoning,  on the top tray.  The meat thermometer was set at well done for chicken, or 175 degrees.  Internal grill temp rose to about 350, then settled back down to just under 300.


After the internal temp was reached, I moved the quarters over to the gas grill to get a little better char on the skin.  I've also attached a picture of the final results.


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Would you mind sending a plate down this way?

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I'll take that as a compliment, thank you.  They were tasty, as I polished off a couple of them already.drool.gif

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looks good!


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that is some tasty looking bird!!  you just talked me into giving that a go next time out........  32.gif

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Looks like your mods. worked well.


The chicken looks perfect!

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Thank y'all for the support and compliments; I gotta' long way to go.  I found myself at Bass Pro today already scoping out the next grill/smoker combo...CharGrille maybe?  Steak's on the menu tonight...tryin' to decide; Head Country or Daddy Hinkle?


Maybe just garlic salt, and leave it at that...

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AL X 2

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