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First tailgate of the season, smoking my first fatty and a rack of ribs

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I have been wanting to try a fatty since the first time I saw one so I thought no better time to start than Colorado State's home opener.  Go Rams! I went with cheap bacon as suggested in many posts here, and used a package of skinned beer brats and cut up some marble cheddar for my fatty.  I used Arthur Bryant's rib rub on the brats inside and then again as the rub on the bacon.  I messed up on weaving my bacon.  I only weaved it one direction, so it does not have that beautiful cross section like everyone else.  I put it on the smoker around 3 a.m.  It is 7 and going to glaze it with some BBQ sauce. Here is a q-view.  Will add more on my ribs and fatty later.







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Looks like your off to a good start

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How did it turn out?

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Looks like a good start, but you didn't weave the bacon.


Not that it will change the taste, it just looks cool.

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I will post a q-view of the ribs, which were amazing.  The best ribs I have ever made.  3 hours with just dry rub, 2 hours in foil with butter, honey, and beer, then an hour with sauce, and 30 minutes on low direct heat on the grill.  They were amazing.


The fatty actually tasted better after the tailgate when we went to a BBQ and sliced it up and grilled it again.  Put it in between burger buns and it was awesome!  It tasted pretty good in the morning, but I want to try some different things next time.  And I need to understand the weaving better just to make it look cool.  I think I am going to do a bacon, chorizo, scrambled eggs, and hash browns this weekend.




fatty and ribs.jpg

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All looks real good from here, hitman!!!!


Mighty tasty!



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Looks good to me !!!!! If you liked the fattie try the Moinks there great !!!!!

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Looks awesome!!
I hope you don't mind me critiquing, but I made the same mistake so I noticed it. If you spread your sausage out on top of the bacon weave and then roll it as one unit, you get mushy uncooked (well, cooked as long as you hit your target IT, but mushy and unappetizing) bacon inside your fatty. If you roll up the fatty, THEN roll it in the bacon weave, all the bacon's on the outside and crispy. This is probably why it tasted better when you sliced and grilled it. Just trying to help, don't mean to sound like i'm criticizing.
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As long as it tasted good right! icon14.gif


If you do wanna undertand the weave a little better I believe there is a tutorial in the WIKI on how to do it.

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some things taste better a few days later..... Gives those flavors a chance to meld......


looks great to me..................icon14.gif







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looks real good ......their is a stickey on how to basket weave the bacon

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Looks awesome!!

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I appreciate any and all help. That is a great idea. I still need to put up my q view for the ribs. They were awesome. Gave a few to some college kids walking around they acted like it was gold.
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