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Pig Pants On

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yup yup kids piggypooper is on it's 1:09 am here in Philly... I have 2 racks and 4 lbs of the shrimpies going on some time tomorrow. Then bird flappers going on Sunday, This is the first day I had off in 2 months I am crazy excited. YOOOO Dutches Beeners going on tomorrow in the early day time.piggy pooper.JPG



All I have now keepin me the compny` is Miller McLite cans.... They treat me ok


Thank you all;... It's all your doing


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  You sound like a man on a mission. Good luck with the smoke!




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You know it brother I am doing what I can... I will totally tell you the PbyP Most likely a screw up but well see :0)

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  Again,you could record the whole thing in a little book adding notes everytime you cook and have a reference to help correct your blunders and remember the ones you scored tops on...biggrin.gif just thinking,have fun and...

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Got The log going :0)

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Sounds like a plan!

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