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i've decided to just keep the grinder i bought... will probably make something sometime this week... i'll definitely start small... even if it's just grinding beef for burgers

and thanks again for the welcome... great community you guys have here
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Realist, Welcome to the Q Crew at SMF...I gather you have an issue with Salt and like to keep it down, no problem there. I would have to caution you on how Low Fat you go with Sausage...Less than 10% and your Sausage will have the taste and texture of a SAND FILLED SOCK...If Fat is against Dr's orders, a Little bit of Great Sausage is better than a  bunch of " it's OK, but Really Dry" stuff...JJ

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chef jimmyj... i definitely agree with a little bit of great food is better than a lot of crap... if i can get between 10-15% i'll be happy... i need to find the happy medium...

when i asked the guys at the meat department what's the fat to meat ratio in their brats and they can't tell me, that's when i'm scared lol... as tasty as they are, there's a lot of "white" showing through the casing... i can only imagine how fatty they are...

plus, i'd like to make "gourmet" brats... chicken asiago spinach, chicken green onion, chicken red pepper mozzarella.. you see the idea
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Realist, 10-15% will be good. I had a "Health" conscience neighbor who made a batch of straight up Venison, no added fat, sausage. As soon as you cut it the meat fell out of the casing and I had to choke it down with a six pack of Bud...Sausage at the Megamart is most likely 30-40% fat or more.The custom Brats sound great, post Pics and Recipes of your successes...JJ

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