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Northern Pike Fish Jerky

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I had 6# of Northern Pike from fishing at the cabin last week, so I decided to try smoking them.  The fillets were pretty small, after you cut out the Y-Bones, so I decided to cut them into 3/4" x 4" pieces.


Not really sure what brine method to use, so I did 1 batch following Bearcarver's latest Trout Recipe, and the other following Alaskan Bear's Lemon Halibut Recipe.  For Bearcarvers Recipe, i used Yoshida Sauce, rather than Soy Sauce.


Since the pieces were kinda small, they ended up as "Northern Pike Jerky" rather than smoked fish.  Good for me, cuz bite size pieces and beer go great together!


Here's my story


Thanks for lookin'!!






Alaskan Bear's Lemon Halibut - The Spices                                   Bearcarver's Trout Recipe - The Spices

DSCF3230.JPG       DSCF3231.JPG



Sitting In the marinade for 4 Hours




Rinsed & Soaked in Cold Water for 1 Hour.

On Racks and into the Fridge Overnight




Into the Smoker at 120° for 1st Hour With Apple Pellets in My AMNPS

Jumped Temp up to 140° for 2nd Hour With Smoke

Jumped Temp Up to 160° for 3rd hour With Smoke

Jumped Temp Up to 180° for 4th and Final Hour - No Smoke




Out of the Smoker and Cooling

Because the Pieces were So Small, I Ended Up With "Fish Jerky"




Decisions  Decisions????

Aaaahhhhh Heck "1 of Each!"....I Win!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Pass me a plate.  I'd take a beer too!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Looks great Todd!!!


The pieces from my recipe are just happy to have been in the same smoker & on the same plate with the ones from Alaskan Bear's recipe!!!





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A plate and a beer and I would be happy. Looks great.



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Both came out good, but A-Bear's lemon Halibut Recipe was a little salty for me. 

Probably because the pieces were so small.


Great little snackers with a cold beer!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Looks like a perfect snack for football today!

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looks great. it will do a great munchies with a th_44.gif

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Looks good from here Todd!




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When smoking fish, you gotta take into consideration, that as fish dries, the "Fishy" taste gets more intense.  Northern Pike is not very "Fishy", so the Jerky came out pretty good.  I would assume suckers or whitefish would get kinda fishy tasting



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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