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Portugese butcher 5 mins away or I get homemade from my mate Placido. The other dish I  do is cataplana which is a fishermans stew,same principle as boullabaise, zuppa de pesce, Kakavia. The portugese version has a base made from shallots,anchovies,garlic,roasted red peppers then built up from there.Interestingly it has star anise in it.Great dish, got the recipe here somewhere,I can make it without it in front of me,I think.

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Found recipe. Cataplana is the name of the cooking pot. Its got a little clipseal lid,its like a dutch oven but not cast iron. So its cataplana of seafood that I  make.The starter is called Lisbon paste. The other big number is caldiera ,like a chowder .They have cook offs in Portugal very competitive ,the seafood mix always has to have eel(big eel)& skate(sting ray) or its not the real thing & is thereby English tourist food. And something you would never serve to a local. I saw English people asking did it come with chips unfortunately it did,the locals gave in. Traditionally its the real fishermans stew,all the cheap fish that didnt sell well, Cataplana was more the restaurant dish, cod,squid,mussels,clams ,prawns even crab & lobster. I can post recipe if anybody is interested,maybe a while before I  can Qview it.

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Sorry its Caldeirada,looked at a few recipes on net not authentic in my view but thats just me.

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Recipe please.

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Cataplana of seafood.This from an original recipe by Steven Snow,I have cooked it many times.I have never cooked Caldeirada so Im not posting something I havent cooked.

Lisbon paste 6 red sweet peppers,a cup of olive oil 4 fat cloves of garlic salt to taste. Chargrill peppers until skin blisters/black. Set aside covered then remove skin,seeds,chop roughly put in food processer with garlic blend add oil while motor running.

Base stock. FRY 1 chopped onion,1 garlic clove & a bay leaf in Olive oil then add lisbon paste 1/2 cup saute.Then add 4 anchovies saute 1 minute .Then add 2 chopped cooking tomatoes,canned will do,saute 3 min .Then add ## 200ml white wine that has been mixed with 1/2 teaspoon saffron threads.Best if you add saffron to wine then let it sit for a while. Do it at start. Then add 1 star anise & 100ml fish stock.Cook this gently for 20 min or until you are happy with the taste. You could stop here refrigerate & restart later.

The money shot. Cataplana pots are hard to find & $$ .They are copper.use a pan with a tight lid.The seafood mix you use is up to you so is the ratio.I use chunky white flesh fish cutlets or pieces ,hake,ling cod, snapper.Dont cut it to small. Squid or cuttlefish,mussels,clams,prawns/shrimp make your own decision.

In your pan olive oil,then fry 1 thinly sliced cooked potato,1/2 an onion,1 clove of garlic,1 tablespoon of Lisbon paste, 1 min. Add the seafood thats going to take the longest to cook then 1 fat ladle of base stock or to cover. Put on lid cook 2 min.Then add rest of seafood,torn fresh parsley ,flat leaf about 2tbls .Put lid back on saute 4 min . Open pan at table. Normally served with rice but up to you.

This is for 2 but theres always extra broth. Adjust it up for more people,be a little careful with star anise it can get a bit strong.Same with anchovies,I dont add salt. 

Im an eyeball & feel cook dont stick to this if you think theres too much olive oil,Ive never measured olive oil in my life. I  make this without the potato most of the time,come to think of it Ive never made it for 2 people I just eyeball it & figure how much Ill need . 

ENJOY Any questions just ask

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Left a bit out but you probably figure it.When you add balance of seafood top up with base stock to cover. Gentle simmer not a flat out boil. You can serve it with bread & in a deep bowl as a soup.  My preference439.gifYou are going to have to figure your cooking times on the seafood. It might be 3 stages,fish,then prawns,squid,crab then mussells, clams. You are obviously an accomplished cook so you can work with this framework.

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 Pork & clams will have to wait.I have to cook it.Recipe is in my head.This the chorizo selection from the 2 Portugese butchers near me.The loops they call country style,chopped not minced,all smoked,hot & mild. Interestingly they both do really old school salt beef. Popular with Brazilians,the people not the people with the wax job.ROTF.gif Also bacalau,bacala in Italian, salt cod sold out of big wooden boxs. Really good looking jamon too ,must have been 20 hanging from the ceiling.IMG_0471.JPG

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Pork & clams I have to cook so I can write it& explain it. Hope that makes sense. I have to have it in front of me so to speak.I just worked out what I  thought it was,so if Portugese read this please dont bust my chops if its not how your mother cooked it.

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The Mexican chorizo is a very different animal.  Soft and heavy on the vinegar as compared to the dry or smoked Spanish or Portuguese versions.  Both have their place, just very different.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Mexican sound  different. Albacore tuna are coming into market at minute .The boats want yellowfin or bluefin so it should be cheap. Old time Italians make it sotto o'lio under oil,not unlike the way Alaskan Bear does salmon. I am smoking that first them I  will post pork & clams.I will kick off a new thread then.  Love that Basque food.

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that looks amazing!!! I love both so will have to try it out. Thanks for sharing.

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