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Full shoulder - skin on or off?

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Hi guys -


Something I've not found on here after searching is whether to keep on or remove the skin on a full pork shoulder for smoking?  I've seen cursory things like trim skin/fat, but does that mean to remove the skin entirely?  It seemed to me that the skin would keep the meat more moist but I've never done a shoulder with skin before.


If I leave the skin on, is it OK to eat after smoking?  Is there anything additional I can/should do to prepare it for eating?


Thanks in advance.  I love this site, have lurked for a while and finally registered!  biggrin.gif

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Some smoke them whole.  The smoke will penetrate the skin.  It is often said the skin is the best part when cooked low and slow.


I like to take it off and fry it up. Nice crunchy treats!


Others will weigh in.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I usually trim the skin and most of the fat off [I leave a thin layer of fat] the shoulder my reasoning is so that the rub gets to all the meat, and the shoulder itself has plenty of fat and connective tissue through out it to keep the meat moist. Plus you get more bark. 

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I peel the skin off so the rub can penetrate deeper into the meat.


But by all means you MUST fry up the skin!


Gives you a little something to munch on while waiting for that pan filled with Heavenly Goodness, AKA pulled pork.

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I trim
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welcome1.gif    Glad to have you with us!


I trim the skin & most of the fat off!

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