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My Craigslist find

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I have been watching craigslist for awhile now for a decent vertical smoker. I saw this get posted several months ago at $175 and realized that it the style I wanted. I continued to watch and wait and then I though what was a good deal popped up on a New in the box Brinkman. After assembling it and taking assesment I realized it was not what I had my heart set on but I was stuck with it. The next day I am looking at CL again (even though I had just bought the Brinkman) and saw the same smoker I had my heart set on reposted only this time it was for $125obo. I picked up my phone and called to inquire about it. This is where my wish and a prayer came in and I hoped it wouldn't offend her, I asked if they would take $80 for it. She paused and said I'd say yes, I'm ready to have this out of my way but let me check with my husband. I thought well it was a good try but to my amazement I heard him say in the background "yeah I guess".So that evening I went over after work and picked it up for just $80.I now went from having 0 smokers to 2 in just days....this would not sit well with the wifey. So I talked the guy at my shop who helped me put it together and told him i would sell it to him for what I had in it and he said" heck yeah, after seeing that thing I was about to go buy me one," He graciously took it off my hands for me.


It is a Great Outdoors Smokey Mountain, stainless steel, insulated, double wall, widebody. This thing looks like it was never even seasoned, let alone smoked in. Some mild surface rust on some of the grates but nothing a good cleaning couldn't handle. The water pan was flawless and the smoker/wood chip box looks brand new.


I took all the racks out and cleaned out the cob-webs from the corners and washed her off. I then fired it up and let it run for 3-4 hrs to test it out a little. It performs better than I could have hoped. The guage on the front is actually just a few degrees off from the inside temp, much to my surprise. The insulation works amazing, you can actually rest your hand on it when it is about 250 inside without just searing your skin. Getting TBS out of this thing requires litte to no effort in comparison to my other smoker. The pic was after 10 min or so and did not



I think my modified Charbroil just might be seeing Craigslist too before too long if this does as well as it tests. I now have a little more cooking area with less foot print and hassle. It matches my grill too. Thats the only reason it gets to stay out on the 



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Looks like a sweet deal! beercheer.gif  Now all that is left is some smoking... oh, and don't forget the Q-View!  th_nopicsye3.gif

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We are planning a little get together for Grandparents day coming up. I used it as an excuse to smoke something. Going to be doing at least a brisket and maybe some chickens,so we'll see.

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Hey ....Ya fired it up .......Ya gotta fill it up and smoke sumtin !   Looks nice I'm envious

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Great score!

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great find I have a char sfb, a small watt burner brink, and my RF i built.  But the wife and I was in tractor supply here in town and the had the mes30 for 129.00


she just looked at me with that look.....62.gif

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Good looking smoker ya found,, Great deal

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That's a beauty!!!!


And for only $80 !!!!






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That's a steal.

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Tell you what, Sell it to me for 120.00    Enjoy your new smok-er


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