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Newbie attempting to build a 100 gal propane tank RF - Page 3

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Originally Posted by alelover View Post

I was wondering why put the smoker is on legs at all. Why not put directly on the trailer. It looks like the center of gravity will be quite high. That things going to want to roll when you go around corners which will put much more torsional stress on the tongue and the hitch.

Originally i had plan on keeping the wheel and tire combo so i had to add the legs on the tank to give the fire box about  6" of ground clearance, now i'm having second thoughts. I should of just added taller tires. 

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Wow. Wish I wss that handy!

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Originally Posted by boykjo View Post

In my opinion... your trailer is too short and you need to remove the axle and spring mounts and install/weld some 2,3, or 4 inch square tube on the underside of the frame on the back half and mount your spring hangers on some 2 inch angle and bolt the angle through the side to the added square tubing and make the axle adjustable forward and back. This would raise the trailer and lower the center of gravity and you could set where you want it and get rid of those legs......see how my boat axle is. I dont have the extra tubing welded on like i explained but i hope this gave you some ideas...... I noticed my axel mounts arent even bolted... just held by the ubolts.....huh...




Good luck

I like the idea. I'm going to have to consider it thanks

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Thank for all the great advice everyone. I wound up mounting the Firebox on the tank to see what would happen and i think i got luck. it only took one cinder block to hold the front down. So i figure if i build a cage for the firewood and mount a small propane tank up front it should be perfect. Too much worrying for nothing. Firebox 5.JPGFB mounted 3.JPGFB mounted 4.JPG


I'm still hoping to be finished my Thanksgiving, at least able to be able to cook with it.

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Thanksgiving is almost here...how's it coming?



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I think you had mentioned that y ou were trying to decide on a latch.


I'm planning on using some either from Harbor Freight or Graingers......like this




Hope that helps.



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Hi hdflame


I'm so close i can taste the turkey put i'll probably finish it over the long thanksgiving day weekend family obligation are eating into my weekends. the the bright side, I'll be ready for Christmas.  Love the latches so much i went ahead and ordered three of them.  thanks

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Damn Dude you are a serious perfectionist! looks great!

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How about a few updated pics?

Is it gonna be smokin' on Thanksgiving?



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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No smoke turkey for this thanksgiving. so sad. I finished cutting the hole from the fire box to cooking chamber and now 'm working on the RF plate.  I'll have updated pics this weekend. I was in such a rush i forgot to take pics of the inside.

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Hi ChinaSmoke. For not knowing how to weld or build a smoker you're doing a bang up job. Great! I missed smoking for Thanksgiving with my build also. But I'm shooting for Christmas just like you. Great build, keep at and you'll be done in no time. We'll both be done and then .........we'll  have to learn to use them.

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Hi Dragons Breath Thanks.  I've been eyeing your build great job. love your work space and the improvised a frame genius, I wish i would have thought of that earlier in my build.  Good luck! i have my figures crossed for Christmas. 

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Need your opinion to all you builders out there. Do i need to sandblast the black finishing on the inside of this propane tank before is start seasoning it? A local sand blaster wants $150 to just do the inside of the tank.

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You should be able to burn it out with a hot fire or use a propane burner like one of these.....   http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200203874_200203874



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I made some progress in the last two weekends the firebox is done besides adding handles and adding the latch that i have already. I have a few pieces of rebar i was thinking of bending into handles until i figure out what i really wantFB Grate3.JPGFB Grate.JPGFB Grate2.JPGFirebox 7.JPGFB opening1.JPGt.

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More progress this weekend the RF plate is in as well.RF3.JPGRF4.JPGRF5.JPGRF6.JPGRF2.JPG

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Awesome job! This is going to be a great smoker!

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really turning out nice great job on the welds looks pro!!

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I haven't posted my progress in a while now, It's just that I've been having so much fun smoking meat even though the pit isn't finished. So here is everything in a nut shell.


The cheapest 5" pipe i could find was from a diesel exhaust pipe. Chimney1.JPG






As you can see i wound up flipping the pipe around, just so i would have the option of extending it or just cutting it off latter.







I was just in time for Christmas. here is my first attempt.


Christmas Turkey.JPG




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Here is a pic of my pit doing it's magicsmoker2.JPG

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