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Why are they black?

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I used oak splits to smoke some ribs in my brinkman offset smoker. The ribs came out black! Tasted good but not to pretty! I recently cut and split the wood myself from tree tops that were downed a year ago. Is it possible that the splits are still to green? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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If the wood was just split it is probably still a bit green. How long did you put the smoke to them? What temps did you have them at. Did your rub have a lot of sugar in it? Did you sauce them and then cook for a long time? That might be burnt sugar you are seeing.

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I smoked them at 225* for about 6 hours. I used oak splits only so I guess I put smoke to them for 6 hours. I used a rub that isn't sweet, my sauce is but I didn't put it on until later.
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Sounds like you did it right. Especially since they tasted good. Probably the long smoke exposure turned them black. I did a pork butt the other day that was black when it got done as most do. It had a good 6 hours of smoke.

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Any sugar in the rub or sauce will turn black when cooked.

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Same rub and sauce I always use. Only difference is the splits.
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Try another batch using a different wood and see what happens....

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I would check your thermos.

Smoking at 225 should not turn them black.


As far as the wood goes, Green will result in more creosote, but as you mentioned the ribs tasted fine so something else is amiss

Not a wood expert but the wood should be split then it can season properly, around 6 months.

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Bizones,do you split your wood to a small size to fit your pit? You may be choking the fire with the fuel(too big to light quickly) and too big a fire causing unburned gasses and creosote to deposit on the meat.

This is a shot of my usual fire size in my 20X20 FB;

newshots034-1[1].jpg the size is about 8" around and no flames.This gives me 220*f heat(with a 10*+/-) variation, and all TBSbiggrin.gif




Brisket for tommorow 005.JPG

Notice how I pre-heat my wood on top of the FB.This helps to ignite the fire quicker.

  IMHO I would try a smaller hotter fire of embers only;this will clean-up the smoke and you'll have the "Blue" stufficon14.gif

Hope this helps and.................

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I let it burn down to almost nothing but coals before I started but had to add wood at about the 3 hour mark.
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