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smoked chicken wings w/ Q- View

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I am going to give my first try at smoking some wings tonight on the grill and need some advice. I have the wings seasoned and covered in the fridge since last night. My plan is to smoke them at about 250 for 1-1/2 hrs then raise the temp in the smoker to 325 for 1/2 hr. Will this rise in temp for the last 1/2 hr help to crisp the skin ?? I also read that putting a little olive oil on the wing before going in the smoker will help to get the skins crispy, has anybody heard of this? Any advice would be appreciated.

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Here's some awesome wings!




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Sounds like you have a great plan, the temps are right, the last half hour at 325 will crisp up the skins, especially if you have them coated in olive oil.

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Thanks - I bought a load of wings yesterday that were on sale for .87 a lb. Now i need some things to do with them. I will post Q-View tomorrow and report how they came out.


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grilling_smilie.gif  I will be anxiously awaiting pics of those wings!! 

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Please Slide over a bit, Al.






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It came out great - I started with Grill Mates Chicken Rub then Louisiana Hot Sauce. It was put in the fridge for 24 hrs. Right before going in the smoker, I drizzled a little olive oil on the wings. Put it in the smoker @ 200-250 with hickory chips for 2 hrs. Turned them once at the one hr mark. Cranked up the temp to 325 for 30 min. It still wasn't as crispy as i would have liked it, so I stuck them in the oven on broil for 5 minutes. Came out perfect.S__5210.jpgS__8A90.jpgS__1210.jpgS__CA90.jpg  

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Looks Great !!



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Yum. Smoked wings Rock!

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Looks great. Hitting them on a hot grill will crisp them better I think than a 1/2 hour at 325. Kinda like how Al does his ribs.

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It looks greatthumbs.gif

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They look perfect!

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look good from here drool.gif

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