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My 1st KCBS competition chicken box entry PICS

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This is what I turned in for my first competition in chicken on Sunday.
I was happy with the final product :)
I only tasted on of 'em but they were very tasty. I did a combo of my own rub, and Slap Yo Daddy Hot rub, along with my own sauce and some honey butter glaze. The thighs were marinated in Italian dressing overnight and cooked on a Weber Smoker for with hickory for about 3 hours. 
I did receive a few 9's in appearance and flavor from some judges. No scores below 7 from any judges.  Overall very excited for my first competition with just myself and no experience other than the back yard. Didn't finish first but didn't finish last either :)
photo 1.jpg
photo 2.jpg
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Good job. Looks great.

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Nice job!

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Congrates man they do look nice how was the skin?

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Very nice !

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Looks delicious!



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Just love those little chicken balls. Little hard to see, was the skin wrapped around? Did you stuff those in the little muffin tins?

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Man those look awesome did you de-bone them?   Scrape the Skin?  Par Broil?  Details please.

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Looking good!

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If those taste as good as they look it would make you want to Slap Yo Daddy.  Makes me hungry just looking at them.Looks-Great.gif

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Thanks for the kind words.  My method was to marinate in Italian dressing overnight.  Massive trimming but not deboned.  I scraped the skin (which totally sucks to do, very time consuming) but makes the chicken skin bite right through.  I like the Slap yo Daddy HOT on my chicken and ribs... gives it some serious kick.  I do muffin pan style with butter bath.  Hickory wood.  My sauce is my own, and I call this batch Texas dark thin sauce... it's more like a glaze than anything else (no sugar or honey in though).  I like to get my sweet from a blend of margarine and honey that I brush on before the final glaze.  It gives it the sweet and heat that rocks your taste buds.  My philosophy at this point is cook it the way I like to eat it and make it look pretty to the eye.  My wife is my taster and she knows good BBQ when she tastes it so it's a big help.  



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The Chix look really good! Pretty Box!   But one question...I thought KCBS inspected all meat prior to the competition to verify they were NOT marinated, brined or seasoned in any way. Is that at only certain events like the Royal?...JJ

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Yes that's right they do inspect.  I got there on Friday night with my pop-up camper and stayed over.  In the morning around 10:00am they inspected the meat.  After that you can do whatever you want.  Turn in for chicken wasn't until Sunday at 12 noon... plenty of time to get things going.  I just bought my chicken at the local supermarket (all of my meat for that matter, 'cause I'm cheap and it's what I know).  Chicken is definately easiest to cook for me but hardest to prep.

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