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Pork smoking question for WSM

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I'm in plans to get a WSM, but i was wondering if i can smoke different types of pork in there.  Reason being is i usually smoke jerk and my regular rubbed Boston butts in my smoker but i don't want to risk anyone getting ahold of some spices that cant handle it in my family.  I thought about placing all the jerk on the lower rack of the WSM but i didn't know if i would possible risk getting anything on the pork above.  Do you guys usually do separate runs or everything at one run?

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I use both racks all the time. I usually try to put poultry on the bottom, but other than that it does not matter: pork over pork, beef over pork, pork over beef, beef over beef.... and so on.


The drippings from jerk rubbed pork won't be to spicy if they drip onto another butt. One thing to keep in mind - have a table or something next to your WSM that you can put the upper rack (full of meat) onto if you need to get at the lower rack in mid smoke. I use my 22.5" Weber Kettle, I just put my upper rack on that while I fiddle with my lower rack then put the upper rack back in place.

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What Johnny said!

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Yep that will work just fine...

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