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Back up AND SMOKIN !

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TEN Days no Electric, internet , and TV .........So now Smokin a Turkey Breast !

Hope everyone is still safe and sound after the storm, .................Good to be back

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Glad to have you back!


I'm surprised you didn't smoke everything in your freezer when you had no electricity.

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Unless his smoker's electric.

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Brinkman I believe.


10 days!!!!    Ouch!!!


Great to have you back, Tiki !!!




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glad to see you're able to get that needed smokin' fix back.

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wow 10 days !!   Man that sucks.  Glad you're ok.

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Defiantly a DOWN side of having a Electric smoker ...........Thank God for the old stand by Gas grille ...Had to boil water on it for Coffee , and grilled a whole lot . BUT I missed the Smoked Meat , so spent a lot a time at Local BBQ joints ( the ones who had power) made a KILLING that week.


 Miss all you guys , been catchin up Reading all the posts

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Oop's sorry, didn't know you had a watt burner.


Bummer, at least you had the gas grill!

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Nice thin line of Blue Smoke wafting out , and the Neighborhood smells of Mesquite smoke 001.JPGsmoke 002.JPG

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Just a little 4 pound Turkey breast ...........but good to be back SMOKIN

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I think we have the same smoker.   I got mine from wally world.



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 Yep that is the one !   Very happy with it ......

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Welcome back.  Glad it didn't get any worse for you.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Just finished eattin it .........Tender, Juicy , and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD !      Makes me think.... I should have a back up gas or wood for the next Hurricane !

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Welcome back. Glad you made it thru it fine.
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