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Started late season tomatoes.

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Florida is a bit strange in that we start tomatoes for a late season due to the heat, humidity, bugs, and stuff.

So, I was a bit disappointed at my seed start - my fault since they were hold overs. But, my wife noticed some sees sprouting a a "vine ripe" tomato we'd cut. So, I planted a couple of clusters of the sees with sprouts in starter cups. Yep, I've got tomato seedlings! It'll be interesting to see if they are "true" or strangely hybrid!!

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Nice job...I do not have good luck growing them from seeds...

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We grow them from seeds all the time Chad. We have a variety called Everglades wild tomato's. They grow wild in the Everglades & self seed. They are growing all over the yard. Once you get 1 plant they will be in your yard forever. They're cherry tomato's with a very soft skin, as sweet as can be & they just melt in your mouth. They do not need any pest control. the birds like them, but they have so many tomato's on the vine there is plenty for everyone. 

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cold spring here in the NW so my tomato plant is pretty much a bust. Think I have about 6 only & still green. Kinda envy you Florida guys, sun all year round. Was surprised my jalapenos & anaheims did so well.....ABT's soon.

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Al, Thanks for the info about the Everglades tomatoes. I just ordered some seeds. Sounds like just the thing for between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico!!

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