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12 1/2 Hour Butt and Some Leg Quarters (w/ Q-View) (RESIZED)

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Labor Day Sunday. Had to smoke something. Got a couple pork butts for 1.29 a pound. Froze one. Also had some leg quarters in the freezer I got a couple weeks ago for .47 a pound.




Nice 7.24 pounder.




Nice fat cap for a change.




The rub ingredients.




Love all the colors.




Cross hatched the fat.




Then I rubbed my butt.




Wrapped it in plastic wrap and into the fridge for the night.




The next morning it looks and smells wonderful.




Did 3 chicken quarters with the leftover rub and did the other 3 with SPOG. I added some baking powder to the rubs to see if I could get a crispy skin at low temps.








Perfect temps all the way across.




Brought it to 250°. Dropped to 225° after loading the butt.




TBS. So thin the camera could hardly see it.




After 6 hours it's looking pretty good. Sitting at 165° IT.



Starting to get some nice bark going. Spritzed it with some rum and AJ.




Chicken went 2 1/2 hours. The skin is definitely crispier using the baking powder. Not crisp like baked or fried but not rubbery at all. I may have used too much. It dries out the skin and I think it keeps the fat from coming to the surface.




Both chickens tasted great.




After 12 1/2 hours I was up to 195°. I wanted 205° but it was getting late and the natives were getting restless without food.




Great bark. I did not foil at all. Could be why it took longer than usual.




Bone slid out fairly easy. Didn't fall out. It may have if I could have reached 205°.





Pulled apart pretty easy for the most part. Had some parts that were probably better for slicing.




It was quite delish and the natives were happy. As were they Monday and Tuesday and probably tonight too.




Thanks for watching.

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Looks outstanding Scott! Very nice bark on it. Time to go out and fire up the GOSM for some short ribs.


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Awesome job on everything Scott !!!


Great price on the Butts too---I never see them that cheap any more!!!



Thanks for a great thread!



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Good read and good pics, well done.
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looks real good....I can relate to the natives getting restless. I've been allowing extra time now to hit the temps I'm looking for.

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Great job Scott!


The bark on the butt looks absolutely delicious!


The leg quarters look like they were done to perfection!



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Nice...Very Nice !!!!

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looks great!   I love that barkdrool.gif

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Looks super!


Nice score on the butt!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Thanks for the comments. I planned on 12 hours. It hit the smoker at 6:30 AM. I guess I was off a little. I'll get up earlier next time. Had a big stall. That slowed me down a bit. I think I'm going to make some soup from the leftover chicken.

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Bigger pics now.

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Nice job on the smoked meats my friend! I almost typed where's the beer in your pictures and then I looked again... Never had that one but looks real good... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

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