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Greetings From Canada

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Hello all.  I am also a long time lurker....and new to the world of smoking meat.  I live in Ontario, Canada and currently use a small offset smoker and a custom built wooden smoke house.  Thanks to this forum and other sites, I have attempted beef jerky, pulled pork, ribs, flattened chicken, roasts and more which a lot of success so far.  I truly love this site and look forward to chatting with everyone!

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Welcome I'm right across the deep pond in rochester ny.  This is by far the most addicting site on the web.  If you ever have a question just ask, it will get answered by one of the many great people here.  looking forward to seeing your first Q-VIEW.  Happy smoking!!!!



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Welcome aboard, Jake!


Good luck and good smoking.

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welcome1.gif  canada-flag-68.gif

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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canada-flag-68.gif Welcome to SMF neighbour.


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WELCOME Jake !!!!!canada-flag-68.gif

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Hi ya and welcome to our little world.  As you have found out, a lot of knowledge here and the pro's are extremely helpful, patient even :) 

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Welcome Jake!!!


We can always use another guy from Canada!!!   Nice bunch of Smokers!!!!




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