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Labor Day Smoke on the Yoder w/ (Q-View)

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     Had some family over for a little swimming and BBQ for the Labor Day weekend.  It had been awhile since I had put any heat in the Yoder.  Decided on pork spares, tri-tip, legs and thighs, and some ABTs for snacking!  Spent Sunday evening prepping all the meat.  Rubbed down the spares and the tri-tip w/ yellow mustard.  Seasoned the pork spares w/ Spade-L-ranch pork rub and alittle brown sugar.  The tri-tip got the Spade-L-ranch beef rub and brown sugar aswell.  Removed the skin from the chicken, trimmed it up a bit, seasoned w/ Spade-L-ranch poultry and reapplied the skin.  Wrapped them all up in celophane and put em' to bed for the night in the fridge. 


     Started the firebox w/ a chimney of Royal Oak, and continued the cook w/ splits of almond as fuel.  I used the 3-2-1 method on the spares and spritzed them w/ apple juice about once and hour.  Added apple juice, a light coat of sauce, and foiled them at the three hour mark.  I thinned out some Sweet Baby Rays sauce w/ ketchup, cider vinegar, cinnamon, paprika, brown sugar and garlic powder.  Sauce was brushed lightly on all the dishes around the last 30 minuets or so before being pulled.  Tri-tip came off at 143 internal.  Everything was foiled and left to rest for a half hour or so after coming out of the Yoder.


     Topped of the feast w/ some macaroni salad, a fresh green salad w/ cranberries, almonds, and crutons.  Added a loaf of rosemary olive-oil jalapeno bread to the mix aswell.  Sold out and bought bread at the store:)  Wife threw down on some brownies topped w/ carmel for desert.  Sorry no pics of the brownies:(









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Trimmed and ready for rub





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ABT's ready for there turn...




Chicken and Tri-tip rubbed down




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Chow down...









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Thanks for looking!







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The meat looks awesome and don't forget to wait one hour before you go into the water now.

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Looks like a great feast. The tri-tip looks absolutely amazing!

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Everything looks amazing!


Bet it didn't last long!

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drool.gif you did a great job..looks good

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Looks good brotha!
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Looks-Great.gifyour post made my belly rumble.

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just ate lunch but with those qviews i could eat againdrool.gif

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Great job! My mouth is leaking! Smokin - K

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Great looking spread!


Good luck and good smoking.

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A fine display of meatage. The ribs look great. That tri-tip looks absolutely perfect.

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That's some excellent looking stuff there Kevin !!!!


Nice Pics Too!



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