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First Fatty...with QViews

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Bacon Weave


Fatty 1.JPG


Pounded out some sirloin as the first layer


Fatty 2.JPG


Chorizo as the third layer


Fatty 3.JPG


Pepper Jack Cheese


Fatty 4.JPG


Onion, Red Bell Pepper, Hatch Chilies


Fatty 5.JPG


Rolled Up


Fatty 6.JPG


Smoked at 225 for 3 hours


Fatty 7.JPG



turned out great!!!  Thanks to all the tips and suggestions on this site.

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Great combo of ingredients!


Must have been a monster!

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WOW need to make one of those

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Makes my mouth water. Those look so good.points.gif

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Awesome! I tried a fatty with chorizo as my outer layer and it turned to a blob. Looks like you have the right idea.

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Looks AWESOME!  drool.gif I will have to put this down on my "To Do List" for smoking!

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Thats what I like about this place. we give ya'll a method and then you come up with some awesome list of ingredients and a great looking Fattie Too.drool.gif

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Very nice!!!drool.gif

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Really clever set of ingredients,sirloin a great touch.Looks outstanding.drool.gif

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Thanks everyone...I pieced together this beauty based on recommendations from here.

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It looks like a keeper for sure !!!

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I'd hit that ALOT
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