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Honey mesquite turkey breast

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Ok I'm new to the smokin game but so far have not found anything that does not taste better with smoke. The othe day I was thinking (my wife says that is dangerous for me). I wonder if anyone else has ever tried to mix the sweeetness of honey with the spice of mesquite? I hope this goes well.    More pics to come.....           



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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!



Honey goes with just about anything.

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You will love it. I've injected turkey breasts with honey and rubbed the outside with honey and some seasoning. It's amazing
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 Those look great! If they taste half as good as they look it's a winner!! What seasoning did you put on them?

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They turned out great! I cheated and used the grill-mates mesquite. I mixed the it with the honey and put them in my vac container for 3 hours.held out part of the mix and basted them the last 10 mins of cooking. I used cherry to smoke them.they stayed very moist. The corn and tater were covered in butter and seasoned salt ( I know not heart healthy but tasty). 


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