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Crab4Brains from the pacific northwest!

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Hello everyone, wonderful site you have here! I think I've found a new home away from home.

I live in Northwest Oregon. My job exposes me to tons of fresh fish... literally tons. I work a commercial dock seeing the freshest fish to hit the coast.

I recently bought some tuna to smoke... turned out so well I traded a borrowed little chief smoker for my own big chief smoker... keeping my eyes open for an old fridgerator to convert :-)

Long story short I'm hooked and plan to smoke whatever comes my way... what a wonderful and tasty hobby!

See ya' soon.
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Oh Boy! can't wait to see what you start turning out!  welcome1.gif to another PNW smoker !   Cheers!

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Thanks for the warm welcome TheBarbeQueen, we practically neighbors.


Today I'm making the family some of those bacon wrapped chicken breasts.  I was hard for me to find exact recipe or instructions but I think I got the guidelines by searching and reading posts... and all those pics! drool.gif


Smoke for 4hrs, probe after that and make sure the internal temp is 165*  I'm thinking I might start probing after 2hrs because I cut the breasts in half for slimmer pieces of meat.  Not sure if my Big Chief gets hot enough so if I run into problems getting um up to temp I'll finish um in the oven, sounds like that is a standard practice.


It's crazy, I'm already looking forward to the next dishes, smoked pulled pork and then more tuna after that then... yahoo.gif


I'll try and get a pic before we eat um.



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Welcome aboard!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Welcome to SMF. Sounds like you will fit in just fine around here. Cant wait to see your smokes with the catch of the day.
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welcome1.gifand remember one ruleth_nopicsye3.gif




Happy smoking!

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welcome1.gif to the forum C4Bbiggrin.gif. I do mostly Cows and Pigs, but have been looking at doing some Fish; been a long time though. Have a good time here and.....................

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Thank you all again for the replies,

2hrs into it and they are looking delicious & no one called the fire department lol


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Welcome aboard..

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Welcome glad to have you here ! Smoked Tuna is my favorite but it has gotten so expensive...

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Welcome from your neighbor further up the coast.  What ever you do, don't tell these SMF'ers the joy of smoked tuna belly meat.  There's only one thing better and that's Halibut cheeks, but we won't tell anyone else......  I think you're going to like around here.  You've got lots of fellow Oregonians (with a OryGun pronuciation) who'll be checking in to give you a proper welcome.



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Welcome aboard!

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welcome1.gif   Glad to have you with us!

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welcome1.gif Those breasts will cook pretty quick. Keep an eye on them. They're lookin good.

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Welcome to the forum! Sounds like you got a great job to have to pair with the addiction of smoking.... lol.

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Welcome to SMF - looks like you got the hang of it already

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